Roll-Up Curtains

1. Identification of the Cover: This allows us to retrieve all the vital data about the praticular roll-up tarp from our archives
2. Attachment method: a choice between a rope in band, an edge or 3M dual lock
3. Reinforcement of 15 cm on the front and rear
4. 30 cm doubled at the bottom
5. Pocket for placing the tube
6. T-hooks: the unique form prevents the hook from attaching itself to the load
7. Reinforcement (Weldable webbing) every 70cm
8. On demand of the constructor the curtain can be addapted to get an EN12642XL certificatie

oprol bache
The fabric is first class, high-quality panama fabric Chanta 30(12/12, min 900gr/m²), available in various colours (minimum 25 colours in stock). To guarantee a longer lifespan and the highest quality, high-frequency welding is used in all seams.

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