Side Curtains


You can have your tarpaulins finished in accordance with the EN12641-2 safety standard. These tarpaulins meet all the European requirements in relation to load security. This standard is intended to ensure that trailers have a stronger construction, resulting in reduced loss of cargo. Once an EN approved truck has been purchased, it will only meet regulations if it is also fitted with curtains that are made according to EN standards. Tests show that our material meets the applicable requirements.

The EN 12642XL standard regulates the strength of trailers’ superstructure. Upgrading to this standard allows heavier loads to be secured and this applies to all load types, in contrast to certification in accordance with VDI2700, which only applies to certain load types and forces.
This standard focuses primarily on acceleration of 0.5 g in a sideways direction, on both sides. This is measured using an air-pressure cushion, which is placed between a wall and the side of the trailer. The balloon is blown up to exert a pressure of 10800 kg (XL) against the side curtain. Under this 10800 kg pressure, the sideways bulge must be no more than 30 cm.

Sliding roofs

Sliding roofs form a weak point in the overall structure of a trailer.

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We can apply an insulating coating to roof curtains. This is mainly useful for the transportation of frost-sensitive foods, such as potatoes.


You can choose between:

  •  standard colours: ask for our chart to see the available colours.
  • your own colour: the curtain can be printed in your choice of colour and then coated. You can request a colour sample in order to be sure of the correct colour
  • painted: a curtain in a standard colour is painted with your advertising
  • printed: we print your design on the curtain and apply a coating for a long lifespan. 



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