Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

In industrial settings, tarpaulins are often used as curtains. You can choose between different sorts of tarpaulin, such as foam, mesh or standard tarpaulin. Curtains work with a rail and wheels or classic rings, but can of course also be installed permanently. This is always a case of customisation or specific requirements. We will be happy to discuss these with you in order to find a solution.
It’s not just curtains that are used in industry. Covers and silos in all shapes and sizes can also be found on the work floor. Chanterie is open to discussing any requirement.

Take a look at our portfolio and see all possibilities.

Chanterie sells Corona related products which help organize your workplace or can help when restarting your business. Our products are the best alternative for plexiglass. 
Due to the adjustments we also need to make, we have not yet been able to update our English website. These products are momentarily only visible on our Dutch website.


Room and space dividing

It is sometimes necessary to split workplaces or large halls up using dividing walls. We work with you, in conjunction with our specialised partners, to find a suitable solution. There are options of industrial curtains that are fixed (Non-retractable, Stationary), or can be opened.
The installation and removal, if required, is carried out quickly and without any damage.

These are effective solutions for dust protection, noise insulation and energy saving.
Various fire standards are available (M1, M2, BIN4102 B1 etc.)

These flexible walls can be used in sports halls, warehouse dividers, multipurpose rooms, industrial buildings, party rooms, storage spaces, production halls, dust-free areas, exhibition rooms, agricultural businesses and more.


When work activities need to be separated, tarpaulins can offer a solution. There can be a wide range of reasons for the division: visual nuisance, order and tidiness, keeping out dust and dirt, separating types of work. The tarpaulins can be fitted with 'Mica' transparent film windows, to allow light to enter. On the other hand, we also offer solutions to keep light out and create a “black box” or dark room.

Silos and filtrationfabric

We make silos and filter cloths too, using special material that is suitable for this.
These can be used to store or filter polystyrene (EPS storrage silos) or wood shavings.

Protective covers

Protective covers have a wide range of applications. They are usually used to solve specific problems. We use the term ‘protective cover’ for anything that you might need in order to protect your product or property against dust, moisture, rain, scratching, during transportation, on the work floor or during storage, for example. This could range from a protective case for a laptop or computer to the cover for an aircraft engine. Industrial applications, such as hoppers, are also considered protective covers. We work with you to find the best solution.

  • Made-to-measure road sign covers
  • Food-grade quality cover

Visual impact

We offer solutions for aesthetic improvement of undesirable effects. We can camouflage unsightly objects with our covers.
We can also achieve specific architectural effects with printed tarpaulins

Water and Cleaning

PVC Fabric can be used successfully in applications involving frequent cleaning or in combination with water, such as a reservoir for water that has been contaminated with chemical substances. We can also use food-safe fabric for water storage, for example.