Truck Covers

Truck Covers

Tarpaulins and truck covers have a wide range of applications. This page provides an overview of the various possibilities within the transport industry. For information about other kinds of tarpaulin products, please see the ‘Industrial Applications’ page.

On our portofolio you can find all kinds of covers.

Side Curtains

Side curtains are currently the most popular type of truck covers. We always use high-frequency welding since this offers the best guarantee of a long lifespan.  Additional parts include the wheels and the buckles, which are attached to a vertical webbing in order to reinforce the cover. We can supply all types of rollers and tensioners. There is a choice of standard finish or XL finish. The XL side-curtain are stronger and meet load-security standards.

Our side curtains can be supplied with anti-cut protection.

TIR tilts

TIR tilts come as a single piece, which fits over the structure of the truck like a kind of cover. These tarpaulins can be opened by detaching the sides or the back and pushing this up. They are completely custom-made, using high-frequency welding, and reinforced where necessary.

Roll-Up Curtains

Roll-up curtains are the most popular tarpaulins in the drinks sector. The curtains roll up mechanically, making it easy to load and unload drinks. Fitting these tarpaulins is an art form in itself. The curtains are attached to a roll using welded rope, a seam or 3M Dual Lock. Space is provided at the bottom for a tube. Straps with T-hooks secure the curtain at the bottom. These are of course supplied with the necessary high-frequency welded reinforcements, so that wear and tear is kept to a minimum.

Roof Covers (Sliding roof)

We can help you with any kind of fabric roof. The Full range from fixed roof over sliding roof and sliding tilts and much more

  • For covers and roofs of tippers, dunbtrucks and walking floors see Tippers

  • We produce reïnforced sliding roofs with with axial armed fabric see carapax

Tippers, Dumbtrucks and Walking Floors

Tipper trucks, dump trucks and walking-floor trucks require a cover. These custom-made covers need to be very durable, in order to withstand mechanical movements and weather conditions, meaning that a strong finish is needed. The wide variety of different tippers, dump trucks and walking-floor trucks and the precise customisation that is required make this product one of Chanterie’s specialities.

Protective covers

Protective covers have a wide range of applications. They are usually used to solve specific problems. We use the term ‘protective cover’ for anything that you might need in order to protect your product or property against dust, moisture, rain, scratching, during transportation, on the work floor or during storage, for example. This could range from a protective case for a laptop or computer to the cover for an aircraft engine. Industrial applications, such as hoppers, are also considered protective covers. We work with you to find the best solution.

  • Made-to-measure road sign covers
  • Food-grade quality covers


Please get inspired by our portfolio.

Nets and Tarpaulins

  • PVC coated mesh
  • Scrims
  • Knotless net
  • Anti-litter netting
  • Wind break nets
  • Scaffold nets
  • Safety nets, fall arrest safety nets
  • Container cover / net
  • Load securing nets

Trailer and Van Cover

We produce al kind of tilts, curtains and covers for smal trailers, vans and light trucks. All our covers are custom made.
We can design your livery from scratch or integrate your existing identity. From simple lettering over complex designs to printed pictures of your products, working place and Construction site

Please get inspired by our portfolio.

Vandalism Prevention

Theft and vandalism prevention through anti-cut mesh.

Covers can be reinforced with special mesh as a protective measure against vandalism and theft. In the event of an attempt to cut the tarpaulin, metal wires fitted for this purpose effectively prevent damage and potential theft.

  • Chanta-Defence
  • Chanta-Protect
  • Steel cable protection


The Arcade System makes it possible to simultaneously open side and roof curtain. All characteristics of these curtains have the same high quality standards as they need to handle multiple mechanical stress.