spotlight: Stef

At the beginning of this year we received notice that transport Nagel wanted to focus their endeavors to Northern Europe. An agreement was made with transport Stef to take over the site and the fleet of trailers in Nazareth. Chantum was contacted en asked to make a proposition for the adjustment of the corporate identity.

An illuminated panel of 11 by 3,5m had to take the place of the old signage Nagel. Removing these boxed wall letters en cleaning up all remnants was inherent to the job. A new strong led lighting was necessary to make the panel visable from the highway E17.  The next question was, can we adjust the totem sign at the entrance in a qualitative manner or should we place a new one? Adjusting seemed to be the better choice in this case.

The main job was changing the corporate identity of 25 trailers. Removing all vinyl stickers of the trucks was quite a job. A decision was made to put 8 trailers in the white identity color of Stef. These trucks received a in depth cleaning to ensure a superior adhesion of the new vinyl.

Everything ran smoothly thanks to sound agreements.