Carapax Sliding Roofs

Carapax Sliding Roofs

A roof curtain allows easy access to the trailer. Loading and unloading should be able to be done as easily as possible. This results in a weakening of the overall structure, as established by the EN 1264XL standard. This means that the roof curtain itself is included when evaluating strength.


Steel tubes in a cross shape are used in order to reinforce these structures. These need to be removed during opening, which is not an easy task for the driver. Another method is steel cables installed diagonally, that open along with the roof, but then make loading and unloading, as well as opening the roof, more difficult.

The Carapax total system offers a solution. The material that is used to reinforce aircraft, military helmets and bullet-proof vests, is integrated into the tarpaulin. Aramid fibres are light, extremely strong and fire-resistant. When integrated into materials, they make these much stronger and they can allow the materials to remain supple if necessary.

The name Carapax is based on the hard shell of some animals, like tortoises, which is called a carapace. The Carapax roof works in the same way, like a shell on top of the trailer. This roof curtain contributes positively to the structure of the truck.

Carapax is continuously evolving and improving.

  • Version II is now barely visible in the fabric.
  • Also available with a fire-resistant coating for intermodal goods transportation, in which trailers are placed on trains and therefore need to be resistant to any sparks