Vandalism Prevention

Fitting the tarpaulin with extra protection has many advantages.

  • simply cutting open is no longer possible
  • no high repair costs and associated immobilisation of the vehicle
  • internal protection of the cover against damage caused by cargo
  • improved general resistance against wear and tear
  • rejection of return cargo due to damaged tarpaulins is avoided
  • tarpaulin approved by insurance companies
  • keeps out stowaways


Protection through steel cables in the form of a grid is welded to the curtain up to a height of 127 cm or 254 cm. An aesthetically pleasing and flexible system, designed as an alternative to the existing steel cables that are welded to the curtain in squares. We definitely recommend this for our full-colour curtains, due to the enhanced even finish.
Chanta-Defence can also be used in an adapted form for roof curtains.



Has a width of 125 cm and is welded to the side curtains. Chanta-Protect is a PVC tarpaulin in combination with multiple internal wires (multi-axial). This tarpaulin offers a high level of protection, since the galvanised steel wires mesh together if an attempt is made to cut into it. This system provides protection everywhere, since there are wires covering every cm and it therefore provides a higher level of protection than Chanta-Defence. 

Also suitable as extra protection for tipper trucks and baggage trailers at airports. 

A special version, with a height of 250 cm and an alarm system is also available. The transporter will be notified in the event of a break-in attempt. This means that valuable products can be transported using side-curtain trailers.



Chanta gelaste staalkabel

Steel cables are placed in a rectangular or square pattern on the inside of the side curtain. This creates a mesh reinforcement made from steel cables on the curtain. 

The distances between the horizontal and vertical cables can be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes.


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