Roof Covers (Sliding roof)

Since the sliding roof has to withstand heavy loads (wind, gusts of wind, storm, etc.), the reinforcements and the way they are applied is vitally important for producing a durable product. First of all, the roof on both right and left sides and along the entire length is double folded for 30 cm so that it overlaps the entire sliding system. This noticeably reduces the wear and tear. The transverse bracing that run along the stanchions of the sliding roof are also fitted with extra webbing. The three straps that connect the roof with the stanchions run behind this webbing to rule out any risk that these straps will tear. The complete reinforcement runs over a double-welded edge. This is important because it means that the external fastenings (the rivets) are mounted through the webbing and through the reinforced edge of 30 cm. All roofs are also provided with a cord and are manufactured from top quality canvas. The mid section is transparent white or optionally yellow. The side colours can be selected from our colour guide. This is the way we guarantee a durable product.



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