TIR tilts

TIR tilts are not used as often these days. Nevertheless, we have many years of expertise producing these tarpaulins, so you can always rely on Chanterie if you require this kind of cover.

Manufactured from high-quality polyester PVC: ch18 9/9 650gr/m²

  • Minimum 25 colours in stock
  • Roof of tilt made of transparent material (white/optionally yellow)
  • To guarantee a longer lifespan and the highest quality, high-frequency welding is used in ALL seams
  • Standard, corners are made with leather reinforcements, completely made so that the tilt always stays in place (1)
  • Finished with oval brass eyelets, optionally with Zinc plated or stainless steel eyelets (2)
  • Double TIR fasteners supplied; optionally these can be placed on the side as well as on the front and/or the rear (3)
  • Identification in the roof: this code enables us to retrieve all the data about the tarpaulin (4)
  • A slipcover for the plank is provided for the front (5)
  • Sandows (spanners) with ratchets or a continuous 2nd edge > option: separate elastics (6)

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